4 cosas que podemos aprender del villancico ” Mi burrito Sabanero”

Mi burrito sabanero

Our team recently published an animated video of the well-known carol “Mi Burrito Sabanero” by the Venezuelan author Hugo Blanco, this version was interpreted by the “Light of the Nations” choir of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

With this video we wanted to show people how beautiful the Latino culture is and how Mormonism is already part of our Hispanic legacy.

However while doing this video and we researched a little about this carol we realized that although its lyrics are simple, the song keeps clear messages that bring us closer to our savior Jesus Christ.

1. Why a Donkey and not a horse or other means of transportation to go to Bethlehem to see Jesus?

The road from the plains of Venezuela to Bethlehem is about 16,000 km, a donkey would not necessarily be the best idea if we thought to go there, but going in a “donkey” gives us the message that no matter how we go to see Jesus, what matters is that we try to do it. Humility was always a characteristic of our Lord and even he used a donkey when he entered Jerusalem.

In simple ways great things are done, with a sabanero burrito we can go to meet our savior and he will see us and receive us.

2. The morning light illuminates my path

“I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.” –  John 8:12  Jesus Christ is the light that illuminates our path, it is He who guides us on our way of life to reach their presence again. 

3. With my quatrain I go singing, my burrito goes jogging

The word “Quatrico” is a diminutive of the word “Four”; The “Cuatro” is the most used musical instrument in Venezuelan folklore, it is actually a kind of small guitar of only four strings with a very unique and own tuning. What we can learn from this sentence is that while we are on our way to go to see Jesus we can enjoy the journey.

Life is not only to support it but to enjoy it, said Gordon B. Hinckely, 15th president of The Church of Jesus Christ once.

This carol invites us to enjoy the way as we go forward and we are going to meet our savior.

4.  Hurry up my burrito going to see Jesus

No matter how far we reach our goal, no matter what means we have to get there and how many difficulties life can put us, we should not make our “burrito” wait to go and see Jesus.

To postpone change and say that it is very difficult or impossible are thoughts that will not allow us to enjoy a life closer to our Lord.

Through the restored gospel of Jesus Christ we learn that the Lord will hasten its work in due time ( D & C 88:73 ) and that time is now.

What better time to hurry and go to see and enjoy the blessings that the savior brings.

That in this Christmas season let us remember that through small acts we can move forward and follow the path that will lead us to see Jesus.

Every time we hear this carol remember that the Lord is the star that illuminates our path, and that he can guide us to see his son who is the savior and redeemer of all human kind.

That Christmas is our celebration, this centered on the one who gave his life for us.

!Merry Christmas!



Paul Frame

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